Winners Announcement! 🎉Comment to Win Round #2 is Here! 🌸

  • Dear KOWOLL family,
    Thanks to everyone who entered the “Comment to Win” giveaway! We love reading your comments and really appreciate your love, support, and feedback.
    Congratulations to the following four winners on winning a $50 Amazon Gift Card in the first round of the giveaway event. 🌱
    Bob Ford | Chance Hartwig | Kip W Davison | Bob Kitz
    ✉️ Please DM us to provide your email address. Our team will arrange the $50 Amazon Gift Card to you soon!
    If you didn’t win this week, don’t worry! There are more chances to win. Are you ready for our second round of the giveaway event? 🤩 Here we go!
    Comment below and let us know: “How often do you mow your lawn and what is the area of your lawn?
    🎁2nd Round Giveaway Prize: Garden Light ($80.00 value)
    🎁Winners: 5 Winners
    Thanks again for all your support! Stay tuned for the upcoming launch. Have fun and good luck!🎉


  • Happy to be one of the winners :)
    now wait and see when the price is arriving...


  • I only have about 6000 sq feet but it usually needs mowing twice a week. Looking forward to the M28E launch!

  • So you have cancelled your Kickstarter project......what a terrible attitude and shows such contempt for those who were prepared to back you😡😡

    so what's next....release them at full price now you know the level of interest....Fat Chance....

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