About Kowoll

Kowoll is designed to make gardening easier and more fun. In the few years that Kowoll has been in business, the brand has quickly become a leader in smart home garden technology, with a wide range of goods for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.

They knew that modern life can be very busy, so Kowoll tried to make gardening easier. From lawn series and pool series with automated robotic mowers and cleaners to camping series and garage series with charging piles, Kowoll goods are made to be efficient and last a long time.

The idea for Kowoll came from a group of people who wanted to use technology to make outdoor areas smarter while keeping the beauty of nature. A small group of tech and gardening fans started the company in 2022. They wanted to make gardening at home more fun and smart.

At first, Kowoll's team was focused on bringing world-class technologies like satellite positioning, laser navigation, and the Internet of Things into the home garden experience. Kowoll's path was not an easy one. The team tried out a lot of different goods and materials until they found the right mix of creativity, usability, and design. Still, it wasn't long before their hard work paid off and people started to take notice. From there, they made four different lines of products: the lawn series, the swimming pool series, the camping series, and the garage series. All of these were made to help people be better in the outdoors.

In the lawn series, there is a smart, self-propelled lawn mower that uses laser navigation and RTK technology to cut grass quickly and correctly. The swimming pool series, on the other hand, is made up of a variety of robotic pool cleaners that clean every part of the pool without human assistance. The camping series also has a variety of tents, cooking stoves, water filters, and other camping gear that are made to make camping safe and relaxing no matter where you are. Lastly, the garage series has a lot of charging piles and other accessories that help indoor areas use energy more efficiently.

Kowoll is different from other outdoor home garden brands because it is the perfect mix of technology and nature. At the heart of everything we do is our goal to bring peace to nature lovers everywhere. Focusing on quality and new ideas in all of our goods, we try to make outdoor travel easier and more fun for everyone.

Kowoll took off in the industry when it became popular with tech-savvy customers. It now has four unique product lines for garden lovers: yard series, swimming pool series, camping series, and garage series. Kowoll's motto is "Enjoy nature intelligently," and it tries to make goods that are both useful and stylish.

Kowoll is still trying to make smart home garden technology that are the best they can be. Their goal is to give customers the newest, safest, and most useful goods on the market. Kowoll will continue to be a leader in the industry for many years to come because it has a strong name for innovation and excellence.